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founded as a spin-off from a north-western European strategy and management consultancy group at the beginning of 2012.

About us

Analytic sobriety and bursting enthusiasm, professional distance and close discussions – excellent consultation integrates these and many more contradictions. Asgard Media, as a consultancy company, is young and experienced at the same time.

As a team, we are growing vigorously and we share one common ambition: to get things moving. In our work, we do not only spread a new spirit, but we also know the right way to go – thanks to our diverse experience. We enable organizations to implement sustainable change, growth and to ensure a positive perception by all the stakeholders involved.

Our most important asset in this process is our employees – genuine personalities with a broad range of competencies. Registered in Brasov, the heart of Transsylvania, we also provide the whole range of international experience whenever needed, thanks to our close cooperation and shared resources in a network of European partner companies.

We are ready
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Clients and friends

Each of our consultants is more than an independent personality and an expert. The consultant must be a visionary and determine the development of the client’s organization towards the goal at hand.

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